Resort Scuba Dives are a great way to be part of the Reef

Australia has some of the best scuba diving in the world, as well as some of the best liveaboards.

Liveaboards destinations are providing outstanding locations to try a resort scuba dive.

If you are not a certified diver and  would like to give scuba diving  a go a resort scuba dive may be what you are looking for

Believe it or not, scuba diving is easy, with so much to see before you know you have forgotten that you are breathing underwater.

Free scuba dive demonstration.

Clients are dressed in scuba diving equipment and taken underwater to see if they feel comfortable if they do, they can choose to partake in a resort scuba dive.

The Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to get comfortable as there is so much to see it is effortless to forget about the scuba equipment and breath normally.

resort scuba dive

Resort scuba dive.

Professional scuba dive instructors will explain how scuba diving works. What you are going to see your resort scuba dive will be handheld by the instructor so they can monitor that everything is ok with you.

Some people, do not have a deep interest in scuba diving but see it as something they want to try at least once.

Many of the Australian dive liveaboards have several guests take the program because they do not want to pass up the chance to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

The Resort Scuba Diving program is designed to fit both those needs.

Many people who try the program later go on and complete their certification process to become a certified diver.

Today it is a safe family activity for adults and children over the age of 12. While the evolution of equipment is one factor in the change, another one is knowledge.

We know the cause of the dangers that plague early divers, and more importantly, we know how to avoid them. This knowledge is easy to understand and when combined with some necessary skills makes for a safe dive.

The scuba dive instructor will also demonstrate how to use the equipment and the necessary skills.
The second portion is called the Confined water section.

On a liveaboard, this will be at a shallow and calm site.

resort dive on Australia's Great Barrier Reef


Donning your scuba diving gear under the observation and assistance of your dive instructor is followed by a buddy check, to ensure the equipment fits correctly.

Your first task is to take a breath of air underwater.

You will then practice the few skills that the instructor had demonstrated.

Once you are comfortable with the task, the actual dive will take place.

Your guided tour of the reef will be limited to 12 metres deep. Most scuba divers agree that around 10 metres are the best depth to see the best colours on the Great Barrier Reef.

You are likely diving the same sites that the certified divers are using. You will swim alongside your instructor, and they will point out different items of interest.

It is essential to understand that the Resort diver is not a certified diver.

While they can take additional dives without the knowledge training then must dive with an instructor, and they are limited to 12 metres 40 feet.

Certified Open Water Divers can dive to 18 metres and can dive without supervision.

If you wish to be a certified diver, you might like to enquire about our Scuba Dive courses.

Australia liveaboard tours of the Great Barrier Reef are an awesome place to try a resort scuba dive
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