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Choose you liveaboard locations

Australia is one of the World’s most desirable destinations and is truly paradise for people who love water activities.

For Snorkelers and scuba divers Australia offers outstanding locations for novices to experienced scuba divers

From the pristine waters of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef to the tropical waters of Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia for those that are truly adventurous there is cage Shark diving in South Australia with Great White Sharks

for the experienced scuba divers not many places will compare our Ribbon Reefs
for our lovers of sailing Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands offers a chance to sail scuba dive and snorkel in what is truly a majestic location.

Cairns reefs offer great visibility there are great liveaboard trips where you can learn to scuba dive right through to advanced.

Reef Encounter offers great VIP packages for those amongst us that want to experience the Great Barrier Reef in style

Our liveaboard tours are great for families to experience how wonderful Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is to learn about this amazing sanctuary for marine life

Can you imagine snorkeling beside a whale shark Ningaloo Reef in Western Austalia offers their guests to do just that

Whichever Australian liveaboard experience you decide on you can be sure of wonderful moments that truly will take your breath away

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon